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Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths have served the Seven Corners VA area for over 40 years. Our Seven Corners VA Locksmiths provide scheduled locksmith service as well as 24 hour emergency locksmith services in Seven Corners VA.

At Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths, we guarantee our locksmith services and lock installations for one year with purchase of our recommended door locking hardware. Our Seven Corners VA Locksmiths provide locksmith services in Seven Corners Fairfax County VA. We also provide locksmith service in areas surrounding Seven Corners VA.

Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmith Services

Lock Installation and Service by Seven Corners VA Locksmiths

We service all types of door locks installed in the Seven Corners VA area. We service and install deadbolts, knob locks, leversets and handicap locking hardware to meet ADA requirements. Our door lock installations are performed by Baldinos Seven Corners VA locksmiths with an average of 10 years experience as a locksmith. Our door hardware and door lock installations are never trusted to subcontractors. We service and install panic and fire exit devices, magnetic locks, electronic access controls, card reader systems and more. Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths has its own in-house lock distributorship with a huge inventory of hardware to meet your needs immediately. Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths stock, service and install MEDECO, MUL-T-LOCK, and ASSA high security locks with patented keyways to eliminate unauthorized key duplication. Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths provide lock service and install all major brands of commercial door hardware. From rekeying your locks, to changing of locks, complete removal and replacement of locks, or installation of high tech commercial door locking hardware systems, you can rely on our licensed professional Seven Corners VA locksmiths to give you the quality service that you expect from a company doing business in Seven Corners VA for over 40 years.

High Security Locking Systems by Seven Corners VA Locksmiths

Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths can install bump key resistant locks which render bump keys ineffective. Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths can also install high security locks such as MUL T LOCK, ASSA, or Medeco high security locks which render bump keys useless. Our Seven Corners VA Locksmiths can often install high security locks for less than what our less qualifed competitors are charging for bargain basement, often imported, low security locks. An additional benefit of upgrading to high security locks is the ability to control who has your keys much more effectively than with locks which use keys that are easily duplicated by individuals who do not have your authorization to copy your keys. Key control with MUL T LOCK, ASSA and Medeco high security locks includes protection of the key blanks and their possession by utility patents which prevent both the unauthorized possession of the key blank material and the unauthorized duplication of your keys. When you have high security locks installed on your home or business, the only person who will be able to authorize the duplication of your keys will be the person or persons in possession of the signed authorization card which permits your keys to be duplicated.

Panic Hardware and Fire Exit Hardware Installation by Seven Corners VA Locksmiths

Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths installs panic hardware and fire exit hardware in commercial applications requiring free egress and complete compliance with Life Safety Codes and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. We have the experience and technical knowledge required to provide a secure solution to difficult situations affecting your business in Seven Corners VA. You can secure your back door and prevent pilferage and theft of your inventory by selecting commercial door locking hardware which allows free exit from your business while preventing unauthorized access from outside the building. Additionally, our panic hardware installations and fire exit hardware installations are performed to exacting standards which often outlast door hardware installations you may have had performed in the past. The superior training and expertise of our Seven Corners VA Locksmiths is displayed in the reliability of our lock installations. Our commitment to our customers in Seven Corners VA is shown when our lock installations are backed up better than any other locksmith in Seven Corners VA.

Electronic Access Control Systems by Seven Corners VA Locksmiths

Baldinos Seven Corners VA Locksmiths have on staff electronics technicians who can install keypad or card access systems reliably and efficiently. New card reader systems provide the utmost in accountability for your work force. You can allow access to your personnel while maintaining an audit trail of who was in your building, and when. You can control who has access to your building in Seven Corners VA even from your home or on the road many miles away. Once installed, there may be no need to call us for changes to your access control lists. Electronic access control systems and their software are very user friendly and take minutes to accomplish single user or group lockouts of your critical areas. You can eliminate rekeying costs and reduce costs associated with employee turnover. We take the time to look at your specific needs and only recommend security systems that are reasonable to provide true security for your business in Seven Corners VA for many years to come. If high security cylinders will meet your needs, we will recommend that approach instead of selling a system that has more features than you need. If a combined physical security and electronic security system is more likely to be more cost effective for your business, we will accurately document why a total security approach may be more cost effective for you.

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